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Stable Isotope Ecology - Short Course


This week-long course will be structured with morning lectures (~3hr) to cover the essential principles of SIA and applications in ecology & environmental science. The major light element isotopes will be covered, C,N,S,O, & H, with afternoon demonstrations and tutorials in the SIRMS laboratory to showcase our three IRMS systems, their associated peripherals (EA, HT/EA, GC, Gasbench), and other small equipment (micromill, low-speed saw, microbalance, etc.) Students will have the opportunity to interact with several local and international experts to advise them on their research plans and how SIA can elevate the impact of their work.

Topics may include:                    

  • detecting/tracing marine pollution              

  • food web ecology                                                                  

  • eco-physiology (corals & plants)                                           

  • food authenticity/forensics                                                


Using methods such as:

  • EA-IRMS (C,N,S)

  • Gasbench/Denitrifier method

  • isotope tracer experiments

  • EA & GC-IRMS


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