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Teaching @ HKU

I am appointed to teach across disciplines as a core teaching staff of the Faculty of Science's new Environmental Science curriculum. You can click on the dropdown menu to find some example teaching materials I use in my courses. However, from 2016 all updated teaching materials are found on HKU's Moodle platform.




In 2016 I took over as course coordinator of Environmental Impact Assessment (BIOL4302) joined by Dr. Billy Hau and Prof. Kenny Leung. Additionally, I continued to teach the Biological Oceanography component of ENVS3313 with the new course coordinator, Dr. Christelle Not (DES). In the fall I taught my 4th cohort of 47 ENVS2001 students. At the same time, I am developing two new courses to roll out in the next academic year, a common core course titled "The Ecology of War" and a overseas field course in Palau!



Spring of 2015 saw a shift in teaching, to Biological Oceanography lectures in ENVS3313 with Su-Chin Chang (DES) and a new assignment to Environmental Impact Assessment (BIOL4302), co-taught with Prof. Rudolf Wu (SBS). The Fall term saw the return of ENVS2001 with my 3rd batch of 43 students.



In Spring 2014 I am teaching a re-boot of Environmental Oceanography (ENVS 3313/2013) for ~20 students majoring in Environmental Science, Earth Science, and Ecology & Biodiversity. In the Fall, it's back to Field & Lab Methods to 48 students.



In the Spring semester (2013) I co-taught Marine Biology (BIOL2610) with Dr. Yasuhara and filled in for Dr. JD Gu in the Pollution course (ENVS2008) co-taught with Dr. WT Chan from the Department of Chemistry. In Fall 2013 I launched a new course on Field and Laboratory Methods in Environmental Science (ENVS2001/2014). This course enrolled >40 students, mostly ENVS and E&B majors including several graduate students. 



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