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**NEW** Group Projects

Lectures and Protocols

Check here for lecture slides (NOTE: not used for all class meetings). Also, I will post relevant protocols and compile supplemental activities and readings where appropriate.

Week 1: The Process of Science & Nature of Data

Week 2: Measuring Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide

Week 3: Water Quality


Week 4: Soil Analysis

Week 6: Terrestrial Ecology (chasing Butterflies)

Week 8: Stable Isotope Analysis

Week 9: Atmospheric Pollution


Overview of Atmospheric Pollution, Effects, and Thresholds:                    

Fenn et al. (2011) Issues in Ecology


Stable isotope analysis of wet and dry atmospheric deposition:              

Elliot et al. (2009) J Geophys Res

Week 10: Sediment Sampling (Prof. YQ Zong)

SWIMS Field Trip

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